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Hey Terry

Discus launch gliders are at the pinnacle of composite construction in strength to weight, and with more competition on the market, the finish quality has also been driven up immensely. Needless to say, we have experimented with nearly all the commercially available carbon fabrics meeting our weight requirements, and chose the one best suited for our needs.

 Prior to trying Carboweave, we were using another non-woven bi-directional spread tow fabric with similar weight and specifications. Results were quite good, but there were two main frustrations: 1) the binder was not good, making it extremely hard to work with, and 2) the fabric threads are not homogenous.

 When Carboweave was first announced, and with promise of improvements over the competition in these two exact areas, we needed to try it. Since then, all our production models have used Carboweave in standard and light layups, and we along with customers are very satisfied with the results.

 As it is easier to work with, the craftsmen doing the layups can work faster during the layup process, allowing more epoxy to be evacuated before it thickens. And the much more homogenous weave creates a more solid, smooth surface, that we were not able to replicate with other fabrics using our current production techniques. To date, we are confident to say that Carboweave has been the best carbon fabric we have worked with, and would wholeheartedly recommend it to others for your own projects, experiments, production, or even simple repairs.

Thomas Lee

Owner, ArmSoar Composite Gliders Company


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