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What is Carboweave?

Carboweave is a light weight biax (2 layer) or triax (3 layer) high strength carbon fiber cloth that is made from spread tow.

Future Technology

Ultralight non woven carbon material CARBOWEAVE for forming robust and
very light constructions. This material has already had a chance to be
in the orbit of the Earth. It was used to fix solar batteries on the satellite.

Ultrafine, ultralight, high strength CARBOWEAVE opens new horizons for constructions and products.

Advantages of CARBOWEAVE

CARBOWEAVE is more homogeneous than its similar products There are no numerous bends in the intertwining in rectilinear fiber° Unlike many other materials made of carbon fiber CARBOWEAVE in the dry form does not stretch and crumble into filaments providing a precise cutting of even the smallest parts° The possibility to make the multi-layer material with any fiber direction and the minimum thickness of the mono layer from 0,014 mm (14,5 g/m?).

Carboweave Spread Tow is made by taking carbon tow and turning it into ribbons. The ribbons are placed next to each other for the first layer at a prescribed angle (in our example say +45 deg) on a construction table. Then a second layer is placed on top of the first 90 deg off (which created the -45 deg) and is held in place with a proprietary binder that holds the fabric together. In the case of CW60 a third layer is then placed on top at 0 deg. The unique properties of this binder is that the tow stays in place while dry but when wetted out with Epoxy Resin the binder dissolves. You can wad it up in your hand and it won’t come apart.

Another unique property of Carboweave is how homogeneous the threads are. Not a lot of twisting that you would normally see in a tow so the threads lay flat and next to each other when they made into ribbons and then Carboweave.

Carboweave is made from Toho Tenax IMS65 one of the strongest IM carbons available. This Aerospace Grade Intermediate Modulus (IM) carbon has the following properties as a 24K tow.

Fiber Family - IMS65

Tensile Strength (MPa) - 6000

Tensile Modulus (GPa) - 290

Elongation at Break % - 2.1

Filament Diameter (uM) - 5.0

The lower mechanical performance of traditional woven reinforcement fabrics can be attributed to crimp angle and crimp frequency due to use of tows which are comparatively narrower and thicker than the STT. These factors, which adversely affect the performance of a woven material for composites applications, are significantly reduced by weaving STT as warps and wefts into an STF. Carboweave has no weave so there is no warp or weft (bends in the carbon tow) so the carbon fabric is stronger for it’s weight.

 While I generally have in stock two layer CW20, CW30 and CW40 in +/-45 directions it can be special ordered in +/-30, and three layer CW60 is available in +/-45, 0 and can be special ordered in +/-30, 0. Stock sheets are 3100mm x 600mm and can be special ordered up to 10,000mm in length